Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tuesday news


i have some fun things happening.

*one is a true love custom necklace give-away on kelly's blog! wahoo!

necklace giveaway today!

i have been loving laying out the art for these and seeing what people are dreaming up. sarah from england just ordered a beautiful one with this on the front and this on the back. gorgeous and i wouldn't have begun to imagine all the possible combinations. it becomes a 3 way artistic collaboration between you the designer, me the painter and kristen the jeweler! so fun!

i have to mention that the beads have become even more delicious and colorful since this photo above-- kristen keeps sending me links to new discoveries of vintage, czech glass and semi-precious stones. i feel like we are pirates searching for treasure troves!

*last 2 days of my September SALE! all my regular sized prints= $20!

i stumbled across my work on this sweet blog and loved seeing it styled by holly:


* i've also added all these new birds prints to my shop (all birdies can be used in the necklaces!)
bird collage

* i have a piece in another collab coloring book. this awesome one was designed by yael called "we are healthy". my drawing cracks me up because i drew it to remind myself to floss and printed it out and framed it in my bathroom so i would remember ;)
we are healthy!

speaking of, i have to run to my dentist appointment... i have a consultation about getting my wisdom teeth out :( they are wise, why should i remove them?!



stef said...

ooooh!!! I so *heart* my necklaces...but I need more!!! going to Kelly's NOW! xoxo

Jennifer said...

i love, love, love these necklaces and have been wanting one for a little while...hope to win!! :)

pixie said...

BIG flossing love!! I must get this coloring book! I want to color your pic and put it in my bathroom because I need a reminder, too. It makes me think of my friend Rob who I overheard telling his daughter Chloe, "You only have to floss the ones you want to keep."

So inspired by you!

marie-louise said...

So many happy things here!

Brandi Evans said...

Mati .. will you be making anymore of these necklaces? I soooo want one!