Friday, October 16, 2009

be still my beating heart

i am so freaking excited to see this today!

hugh and i had a mini-show last night at the mini bar at 836 Divisadero in SF if you want to take a peek! so we're making it an early day and catching a matinee of this to celebrate :)

i have a bunch of news to share and will be sending out my newsletter next week if you would like to sign for my "secret society" enter your email on the left. i'm brainstorming some treats for you. any requests?

in the meantime check out my newly updated website! please refresh if you've looked at it before! there are 3 portfolio pages and the news page is current!

website updated!


kerin rose said...

oh Mati, this is my FAVORITE kids book!
I cannot wait to see it too!

sam said...

we saw it last night... and LOVED it! hope you enjoy!

Gypsy Alex said...

Lovely Mati! Well done on the new site!! I just love everything you do! Such such talent, girl! love, xoxx