Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pre-blog inspiration gathering


it's funny to realize how natural blogging is to the artistic process. i have stacks of notebooks filled with notes & inspiration pre-blog... these date back to 2002 (3 years before i started this blog in 2005).

i kind of miss this old school way of cutting and pasting. i do still keep 3 ring binders filled with clear sleeves where i put inspiration from magazines. alas, the on-line world has made it so incredibly easy to inspiration gather... almost too easy and fleeting. i have to say i like a little hunting for my treasures! i appreciate as i'm looking back on these pages how i naturally grouped the inspiration by color, shape and theme. it's also personally reassuring for me to look back after 7 years and with the influence of blogging and art school that the essence of what inspires me remains intact.

anyone else keep tangible inspiration? how do you store it? is there a theme that you notice? how has blogging affected this process?



Kelly said...

I also keep notebooks filled with items I have pasted down. I keep a blog too, but I love cutting and pasting.

pixie said...

I do-but I have to see it in front of me, so I have most photos, magazine tears, bits and bobs hanging in my studio or on a shelf or altar there. i see myself go through various phases of colors or textures, some changing with the seasons or with travel to some beautiful place.
blogging provides me with a record of some visual candy so that i can let go of them in my mind for now, knowing that i can leaf back through the archives to find them when they strike my memory.

carol said...

i'm not an artist but i have loads of 'journals', 'diaries', 'books of inspiration' that i have collected, pasted, painted and added to over quite a few years.
my current 3-4 comprise cut and pastes of all my fav artists samples and all my fave esty stuff.
i also cut and paste the most wonderful images from all the blogs that i read.
the blogs have added the most incredible array of images and inspiration to my little 'books'

pre blog, most of my images and phrases etc.. came from magazines and newspapers and brochures and the like.

the electronic age has given me an endless array and assortment of 'stuff' that i can 'play' with.


kerin rose said...

oh moi aussi!...
I do the blog thing , which I love, but am still an old school notebook stuffer....I like the plain black spiral bound ones...a holdover from art school I think...when I was little and my parents bought me my first one, it made me feel like a 'real artist'!

mati rose said...

i love so much reading all the ways we document!

ragamuffin yogini said...

I still have to keep the tangible....I have lovely hardbound journals, but when those are filled I'm excited to try sewing together a "book" of my own to collect all the things that inspire me. I can't bear to think of a world without paper and books even though I use me computer daily I could live without it....I cannot live without the books and papers.

Anonymous said...

I love to right click and save inspiring images on my hard drive. I have a series of folders where I can save a particular image with names like "color combos" "birds" "house shapes" etc. I place the image where at the time it struck me as belonging. What's fun is to go back through them and sometimes puzzle out why I put a particular image in that grouping.

Birdcage Cards said...

Oh my gosh where don't I stash my inpirations?! I have stacks of composition notebooks from the time I was 10yrs old until just after college. Each one served as a beloved journal and was home to my drawings, poems, and magazine cut-outs.

Four years ago, when I bought myself a laptop, I started keeping my journal on that. So, now all my cut-outs are neatly filed away in pretty binders with clear sleeves and broken down into detailed categories like: fashion, home decor, accessories, color stories, prints and paterns, etc.

I also have a TON of pictures saved in folders on my hard drive in much the same manner.

I still keep nicely bound books to sketch ideas out in or write down short stories when I'm away from my computer. Because my sketches often turn into stories those books really do become filled with a lot of words!