Wednesday, February 24, 2010

paint me happy

and because I couldn't resist sharing some of the joy filled faces with finished books from the weekend.... I wish I had one of everyone in the class!


Odd Chick said...

You were such a great teacher Mati! You made my daughter feel so at ease and she began to paint and open her heart and let go of her stress- well.. it warmed a mother's heart and I will always be grateful. We will wear your pendants and enjoy your prints as a wonderful reminder of a joyful retreat!

Mindy Lacefield said...

you are such a doll...!! love you, love you. you are an inspiration with a kind, humble spirit. i will never forget my time in your/kelly rae's class. so much bliss. yes.

justagirl said...

those big smiley faces say so much...

Kolleen said...

my dear friend Chrissy told me you are just as sweet and kind and humble as i imagined you would be!!!

love all of these photos and reading so many different blogs about their "artful journey"!

i am hopeful, one day, i will get to learn from you too!!


Louise Gale said...

Hi Mati, love you posted the fab pictures too. So much creative spirit and I met so many wonderful people. You and Kelly Rae were fabulous teachers, so inspiring and ill never forget this experience. Im so excited to see what everyone creates and stay in touch with all the kindred spirits i met. Hope to meet you again soon and ill be putting your prints on my wall this weekend. YAY!

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Happy little birds!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed spending that time with you, learning about the way you paint, and think. Well, I guess I just have. It was a magical experience, never to be forgotten.

I managed another trip to Dick Blick yesterday too!

The Creative Beast said...

Mati, it was FANTASTIC to meet you and learn some of your great techniques, especially the 'short-cuts'!! (remember: it's NOT cheating - it's TIME EFFECTIVE!)

it was a wonderful time that i'll always remember =-)

amy said...

making art makes people happy! look at those smiles. it looks like an awesome weekend. hoping i can do a workshop like that some day!

gracia said...

'paint me happy' says it all.

dindie said...

Oh woowwwww!!! I really love the colourful ribbons in each Artful Journal! so inspiring so I would make it at home too...Thanks Mati...:)

journeyseeds said...

All the journals are beautiful! You all look like you had so much fun and creativity to fill your souls right up!

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