Wednesday, March 17, 2010

insta-happy for me & maybe you too

* necklaces

loving the layering

* garlands

* baths & potions
i am beyond excited to move to a new home soon with a clawfoot & a lemon tree soon!

* biking

sadly, these beauties are already out of stock :(

* music

* pretty pretty patterns



Louise Gale said...

Ooooh lovely lovely....that necklace is blooming marvelous. ;-) Some great new finds thanks for posting. Hope you are having a lovely gorgeous sunny day and that your move went well. xx

somepinkflowers said...

the bike
the bike
i so wanted that 2
i DID managed to score
a pair
of the liberty of london
garden/rain boots


i have not stopped smiling

Mrs. Spotts said...

How fun! I love that bike too!! Congrats on a new place, a clawfoot tub sounds great, you can enjoy some lemonade while soaking.


artilue said...

one of my favorite songs!=)

Susannah Conway said...

LOL! are we the same person? i bookmarked that photo of the girl with the red necklace too, alongside the one of my alter ego :-D xox

Emma said...

The red necklace is wonderful! I am inspired to go try making something textiley with flowers in a cheery colour. Have a happy weekend. x

butterflycollector said...

all are lovely!!! Inspired to create especially seeing those gorgeous jewels! Love your new paintings too!

Beth said...

A freestanding bath and a lemon tree? Sounds like a lovely new place... Hope you are happy there and it inspires you to create create create!

Juliette Crane said...

i just adore your artwork. it is so lovely and beautiful. your blog is so so inspiring! thank you!
xoxo, juliette

Paula Kathlyn said...

I LOVE your art!!! I found you from "Artful Blogging" -congrats :)

PixieHolly said...

you are absolutelyyy stunning. beautiful work!! youre such an inspiration...i accidentally found 'Artful Bloggin' about a week ago, and have read it about 10 times over since. (I can relate to your few-magazine-listed-main struggles very well as well as most people who will read it/ or have read it can, im sure...)Anyways, i wanted to stop by and drop some love. :)
--ps what you said:: "As artists we want to communicate and be heard. So don't hold back. YOu never know what may await you if you throw your heart into finding your voice, your audience,and declaring your dreams to the world." Youre magnificent. :)
Please continue blogging..and PLEASE write an artistic memoir/and just plain life memoir for girls like me to learn more about someone so cool.