Thursday, March 11, 2010

Originals for SALE!

I just listed this series of butterfly and sea animal paintings in my shop! These sweet little guys are all painted with acrylic and collaged with paper, fabric and ephemera. All are painted on wood panel with 1 inch thick sides that are ready to hang! These would be perfect in any room to bring it color, but especially your baby or kid's room!

sea animals side view
butterfly trio
three giant butterflies.jpg


ale said...

how beautifull they are!!!!the colours you use are so so nice!!!!!all your paints are adorable!!besos!!!!

Lesley said...

So cute! I love the jellyfish, they remind me of Hostess pies. :)

mati rose said...

grazie ale & lesley!!

Jodi said...

I am loving this set of butterly art. The colors, everything--makes me smile.

May have to save up my $ to purchase a set.

Ilaria Benedetti said...

Very nice, so colorful!

sally towers-sybblis said...

Hello Mati,
I saw your article in artful blogging and can totally relate to your struggles as an artist. I made a choice to start creating full time 2 years ago. It has definately been a struggle with many blessings. Just last sunday I started my own blog not knowing much about technology. I got a book called internet 101 for artists and decided to put my stuff out there.I am still trying to navigate through all the blog elements and trying to figure out everything.I had some of my work published in the Nov.Dec. issue of Somerset Studio. My name is Sally towers-Sybblis. My blogspot is artsymind but it doesn't come up when you search for it you have to go to my google profile first.I love your work.It is so whimsical.