Wednesday, May 05, 2010

peeking out to say hello

peeking out to say hello
i've been quiet lately! it usually comes with busyness, but i've also been feeling lost for words on what to share. i'll start with myself in my new bathroom. it's a wonder what a new perspective will do. our old bathroom was tiny, dark and had a loud fan (6 years of this). our new bathroom is light filled, with a clawfoot (i feel i yell this from the rooftops) and large counter for my baubles and view outside to our lemon tree (this i yell too). it does wonders for my self-esteem. who knew?

ps- i also recently got a hair cut-- about half of it! it was long and just hung down droopy. now i wear pigtails + have heaps of new gray hair to boot.


vivienne said...

you look mighty happy!
a clawfoot bathtub and great bathroom light (and no loud fan) would make me smile too...i have pretty much what you used to have!

lovely dress too!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I love your new do. I cut all my hair off too. It feels wonderful.

It's amazing isn't it, the way the space we reside in physically impacts on the space we reside in emotionally?

I've been through a similar journey recently. I didn't move house but I changed the relationship we have with our landlord and that shifted everything.

Look forward to hearing more words when they come.

Andrea Creates Stuff said...

You look great! I wanted to tell you that I spotted your artwork in a child's room in the latest Better Home and Gardens I was reading on the plane last week! I was so excited to see it!

Mrs. Spotts said...

Hi Mati! You look great and your bathroom sounds perfect. Glad that you are enjoying your new home.



take 38 said...

So great to SEE you!!!

Keep up the busyness, but we love it when you stop to say HI!

Anonymous said...

mati, it's so wonderful to hear and have a picture of you!!
you look beautiful as always!!!

xo and smiles~ jill from n.h.

jenny said...

you look super cute! I love your dress! xoxo

Kylee said...

Clawfoot tub? Lemon tree? Pigtails? Hummina Hummina! (and a cute dress to boot!)

danielle said...

HAPPY HAIRCUT sweet Mati! I too love wearing pigtails...I don`t have a clawfoot tub (but a girl can dream), and the only thin growing around here are dandelions...and can you believe they are calling for snow tonight...Nice to see your smile. xox

rachel awes said...

peeking out
your way
to say hello
as well
& that
your art
is a

Geek+Nerd said...

Hurray for all of the happiness exuding in this post!

britt said...

hey pretty lady. glad to see you well and happy. congrats on the new place and all the super work!

jenica said...

you look great. sometimes all we need is that shift in energy to get our mojo back.

boho girl said...

you are BEAUTYfull. you sound centered. and i can feel you breathing deep and exhaling from here.

love to you, friend.