Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oregon coast

tide pools
berkeley dog

hula :)

sigh, i miss this place and the beachy mems. i'm loving all the pinks & yellows... in my pal hula's textiles and collage and the sweet girl herself.
mati rose


frecklewonder said...

gorgeous!!! i'd miss it too!
also- dying to know if that polaroid that is front of miss hula's eye is the on i sent her? if so, how awesome to see it in action :)

ps... yellow mexican dress pics??? :)

Lisa Falzon said...

I was transported :)

andrea said...

oh mati, I love this times a thousand. also, you should know that the oregon coast totally misses you. and so do I (times a thousand). xoxoxox

jenny, that is indeed the polaroid camera you gifted me! I love that thing to death and think about you every time I shoot with it. as for the mexican dress pics-- well, I've got those and I'm sorry I've been so slow in getting them to you. they are coming, though. I promise. and now we have to work on getting YOU to the oregon coast.

leafonatree said...

There's nothing like the Oregon coast. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Salzanos said...

Awesome pictures! Found you by browsing some links to artful blogging. I live here on the Oregon Coast, near Coos Bay. I LOVE it. The waters are a source of life to me. I cannot explain the inspiration it gives me. As a full time artist, I really appreciated your blog today!