Saturday, September 11, 2010

unplugging and smelling the flowers

morning with matte & jen's placemats
flowers from my new awesome intern!! i've hit the jackpot in the intern department every time!

party squash
and who doesn't love a squash party?

i know now to anticipate the post-show blues. last week was rough! it reminded me again, in my quest for balance, that i need some time off-line and to dive into some big exciting projects i've had on my plate for a while. and to experience REAL time. so i'm taking a week off the internets. no blog, facebook or twitter or flickr till next week.

time to:
dig deep
be outside
ride my bike (i'm back on it!)
go apple picking
bake pies
see friends
sit on my porch and drink my coffee
and smell the flowers!

oh and please sign up for my newsletter if you want to hear more about exciting projects to come!

till next week xxoxo


betsy said...

You're one smart cookie. Enjoy your time of reflection and rejuvenation. I'm certain good things will come of it! xo

tiffany said...

For the record peoples, Mati is the best intern boss evah!! For reals! Enjoy your week off the internets, lady :)

gypsysticks said...

good for you. there's always good to come of allowing ourselves to be still and silent and refreshed.

ArtGirl said...

how cool. i love those placemats too

Josephine Brooke said...

Sounds like the perfect week -great photos by the way.I'm going to sign up for the newsletter asap.
Enjoy your week!