Monday, November 22, 2010

humbly seeking imagery

at the laundromat
me in ttv by andrea

did i tell you about taking pictures like elephants in the rain at the laundry mat? we looked at the images upside and backwards and tiny like herds of humble elephants bowed down with long trunks as the rain pitter pattered on our hands. hula taught us a ttv class after her show recently and it was AMAZING. i took a bunch of photos, but have only processed two thus far.

one of katrina (love her beret, scarf, ring and rarely captured pensive stare):
my first TTV

and another of ms jen and her mister bob (mustaches at the curiosity shoppe!):
jen + bob at curiousity shoppe

all of it makes me so, so, so very excited for our upcoming joy retreat with polaroids, painting and cooking! there may still be some spots left...

i wrote about kindness over here. and hula wrote about my new painting series on one of my fave design blogs~ poppytalk. there are still some treasure seekers originals in the shop too.

be well,


andrea said...

I love the title of this post. I love the way you wrote about the day, I love it. and I love the ttv images you got. I love you, girl. xo

Claggie said...

Hehe, the mustache stick is awesome!