Friday, November 19, 2010

you are beautiful!

yes, you!
yes, you!! my darling assistant fanny gifted me this on tuesday. i love that i awake to it on my dresser under my mirror every morning. i believe there are more in her awesome etsy shop. i also adore my original mindy painting (i think her name is carissa, the painting's name!)... more in her sweet shop. both of these girls i met as students at the artful journey retreat and they are making art like gangbusters!
from fanny :)
and check out the furtherest ring on the right... the hot pink + green number... andrea's sweet girl ava made it for me:) feeling loved.

i also wanted to say a big THANK YOU for buying any art and mention i have new prints in my shop too!
wish big sweet darling

i'm writing this in advance as i'm actually away at hot springs right now with no wifi or cell service. hope i don't go bananas! i'm clearly addicted ;)


photos by the fantastic bob lake


Angel Court Jewels... said...

This post put a big smile on my face!


chrissy said...

love love love seeing miss mindy's gal here today.
YOU, my dear, are about one of thee most genuine and lovely people i have ever met.
i really just adore you.
my 11 yr. old daughter got caught wearing your "birdie" necklace that i so fortunately own...yesterday...i had to admit...she looked rockin in it!
happy weekend.

Onkel Eva said...

Hi Mati
Just wanted to let you know that I've completely fallen in love with your work, and just posted an introduction + links to both your blog and etsy-shop on my danish blog "Grovsorteret".

sMacThoughts said...

Oh this painting is beautiful, Mati! I love your use of color, and your imagery is always just perfect!

jill nalette said...

mati YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! this is a very sweet post. you have a ton of love around you. i hope you and hugh have a very relaxing and joyful time!!
xo and smiles~ jill