Thursday, January 13, 2005

happy birthday to michael

i am thankful for you...
annual trips to Vermont with the secret forest and headless driver
taking Jesse and i to 19 colleges in one weekend
bookshelves filled with flannery o'conner and all noteworthy american literature
loving our family
cauliflower cheese pie & fish chowder
sacrificing on the hardwood floor with one doubled over pillow, while the rest of us hog the couch
black & white documentaries that you threaten to get
your intellect, integrity, sarcasm and support
your love of speedy walks
chomping gum
mowing the lawn
being early
the x-mas vest you don
playing dukes of hazzards cards in nova scotia
teaching adults to read "make way for ducklings"
chocolate milk, OJ and potato salad with one fork.

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