Saturday, February 19, 2005

realms of the unreal

last nite ali & i went to see this movie about henry darger. amazing & deeply sad. i like to dwell on the rich inner life that he had b/c otherwise i feel too sad about his loneliness, poverty & abandonment. regardless of your emotional reaction, he was an incredible and extremely prolific artist. he is the IT artist at my school. everyone references him it seems and it's a huge "compliment" if you're told that your art is "soooo outsider". you mean cuz i don't know how to draw proportions or in perspective?! funny.


Cin said...

I'm so glad you posted this ! I read a good review of this movie but then forgot all about it so I needed this reminder. I saw his work at "The American Visionary Art Museum" in Baltimore and it is so strange and wonderful !

tania said...

we saw it too! it was amazing. really well done.