Friday, March 09, 2007

grateful friday

i used to write lists of gratefulness on fridays... and want to start this habit again. here are some random smatterings of gratitude past.
jeremiah ketner
*today i am grateful for art in the mail and how it greatly improves my mood. saturday i came home after a cranky day of work...and a lonely weekend of no hugh, and found this beautiful silk screen called "you're so hot" by the talented jeremiah ketner. art makes the world go round and around and please check out his work at small and round. the little doodle he did is priceless! thank you again jeremiah!

*grateful for mav's sublime orchid letterpress print i ordered and want to frame one. this green is so right on. thank you!
thank you for thank yous
*grateful for thank yous... isn't that redundant? don't you wonder what the protocol is on thanking someone for their awesome thank you cards?! see my new little collection here. hee.

*grateful for going to lots of art shows and getting inspired by my friend paz.

*grateful for kickboxing again. honestly, the gym is becoming my new school... i'm on a little bit of a health kick now that i have the time. we are borrowing a juicer and it is pretty cool: ginger, lemon, carrots, apples and orange juice in lickety split.

*grateful for spending time with friends now that i'm outta school.

*grateful for tortas with debbie and scheming with her and christina (our 3 person art collective) getting projects in motion...

*grateful for my momma (happy b-day!) and happy be-lated international women's day!

*grateful for hugh and his new bloggity blog.

*grateful for my blog and a place to put my gratefuls. um, on another note (and i mean no disrespect for blogger), but i'm thinking typepad might be a nice upgrade... thoughts?

mati rose


kelly rae said...

i've been thinking of a move to typepad, too but people tell me it's sort of hard? i dunno. i get the impression blogger is easier, but really, how hard could it be?

see you soon for some sea glass beach combing!

Frida said...

I love your grateful list! Can I be grateful for that?

I upgraded to Typepad yesterday and so far, although I'm getting used to having to look in new places, I find it really easy for someone who is totally ignorant about HTML.

I haven't found it hard at all and the help section is brilliant.

Susannah said...

i love your line of thank you cards (and Mr Cash :-)

I've switched over to typepad and so far it's been so much better than Blogger, and i've found it pretty easy to use...

kelly said...

love your list and the line of thankyou are digoworthy. and i
see one of my favorites of miz swirly's frida.

happy weekend

jenny said...

hey, another blog to checkout!:)
the thank you lists are always excellent and so much fun to read...and contagious!

la vie en rose said...

the frida card is my favorite.

i don't know a lot about other blogging options but i am one of those souls who left blogger for typepad and it's been so worth it! worth every penny! i've never had a problem posting pics (which I always had with blogger) and i've never had a problem getting a post to load (which could sometimes take ages with blogger.)

Jeremiah Ketner said...

Thanks so much for the post! I am so glad you like the print. I hope to make some more soon. Take Care.