Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my art, elsewhere.


i am super duper psyched to share that my art has been made into these awesome magnets by i-pop! 3 sets & 3 individual big clicks:) whenever i've seen these magnets at art stores and boutiques i've loved them because they are shiny, art filled and chunky like candy. who wouldn't want to decorate your fridge or inspiration board with these guys? so honored to be part of the magnet glory.
i-pop magnets!
big clicks for i-pop!

my line will be debuting at the NYC stationary show in May, which i would so love to attend myself someday (sigh) and then available to the public in June here.

also, i am honored to have designed the May banner for one of my favorite sources for inspiration: Sparkletopia. Check it.
spakletopia banner

peace out sweet peeps,


kelly rae said...

you KNOW how much i love the i-clicks. can't wait to get my hands on your entire collection of these. a very happy and HUGE congratulations to you!!

jess gonacha said...

OH MY GOD, congratulations!!!!! That is so awesome. I, too, love those magnets every time I see them!

Amazing banner, too!

I'm totally inspired now. :)

That One Guy said...

so fabulous!

Tiffany said...

Magnets! How incredibly friggin' cool is that? I totally want! The people at PaperKicks in Hallowell will be so sick of me bugging them if they don't order some of these to sell!

lisa s said...

yay!!!! you are the coolest!! [their magnets are so droolworthy and now you are a part of their line - woo hoo]

h. luv said...

you rule the world! you are totally on fire. keep it up. love and kisses. i hope to see you soon. we need to sew.

Jesse said...

Those magnets are really beautiful!! It will be pretty amazing to have them adorn my fridge, because they will be mine!

stef said...

congrats my dear! totally awesome and i can't wait to get mine!!!


tania said...

WOW!!!! congrats - those magnets are delicious!
and i love the banner-

Lisa said...

OMG i love the clicks!

Swirly said...

LOVE the magnets and am LOVING the banner!!