Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i've been feeling a bit quiet here on my blog as i'm a chatty cathy over on facebook. so much easier/quicker/automatic to connect with friends there, but really it's makes me a little ADD. so, hello, i'm still here.
i've been wanting to write a post about where i'm at right now in time...
back from italy, new mexico, a new year, president!, and i'm 33 yo, it's the double magic number-- i love both the sesame street and de la soul versions here:

last year i wrote 32 things i wanted to manifest over the course of the year. crazy powerful as most of them came true in abundance. minus a few.
i never sewed curtains (settled with IKEA ones), never got a coffee table (really not the space for one), have not taken that trip to nova scotia nor have published my children's book. the rest, i tackled valiantly and continue to. wait, i've never actually had a solo show, despite the many joint shows... something to pursue for 2009 indeed.

so in this magic year, there are some things i'd like to aim for... i'm going to come up with the new list. yes. taking it even more seriously now, knowing the power of the written word. stay tuned folks. i'm looking forward to what awaits. and you?



justagirl said...

I like 33, what could be better then two threes?

My plans for 2009 are serious thoughts about a children's book, following through with new ideas and buying lots of apple lollies.

Jill said...

I'm glad to here all is well. I've missed your postings. I've got a short list of things for myself. I don't really need any pressure of a big list. I guess my big thing is to have patience with myself.
Take care and enjoy 33. I hope all your dreams for 2009 come true!!
Love and Smiles,

mati rose said...

thanks jill + just a girl :)

Rowena said...

33 IS a magic number. When I was thirty three I discovered the courage to go after my dreams, even if I also discovered they weren't as easy or simple as I thought.

There's strength in that magic, too.

I recently made a list of 38 things before 39. I've only got 10ish months left.

sMacThoughts said...

I love that you made a list and tackled it. best of luck with the 33 things on the new list. I feel you will get most all of them accomplished!

kristen said...

i love that you love de la soul.

Paulette said...

I'm sad that you haven't made it to Nova Scotia... when you do, look me up & I'll take you on a fantastic artistic journey...we have so much to offer here :o) love your work