Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Creative Life....

Oh man, It's full with highs and lows and dreams come true and ego attacks.... I commend you all out there for keeping on and taking breaks when you need it, and for enjoying the ride!

During this past week off-line and stepping away I've felt extremely grateful for so much lately, especially the supportive folks that i've connected with who share my woes and celebrations equally. My mom said something to the effect of when times are hard people either fight or flight or women tend to FLOCK. I love that. I see a painting coming with that one!

Gratitude list:
*all of you who bought my original
*dahlia season
*my children's book critique group
*my rockstar intern tiffany aka crafty fanny
*my tres early monday morning ladies biz group
*helping out at an awesome boutique
*my dentist who said today "my job is to help you love your teeth!" (a gentle reframing of "not to make you feel guilty for not flossing")
*andrea's minimalist knitting interview on
minimalism and passion... YES!
*a collaboration with lisa congdon to come and her "don't stop believin' " sign below
*my new organic long sleeved mandala shirts from Patagonia above-- gonna try to get some for my shop too!
*turquoise paint... turquoise anything really!
*baby feet and well babies in general

*farmer's market saturdays with jen and shash
*lemon curd chocolate pies (with lemons from our meyer lemon tree out back)

*planning a FUN art retreat in the spring
*veronica mars marathon! now that i'm caught up with friday night lights :)
*tracey clark's luminous interview on the creative life with jaimie ridler
*helping to plan an SF art show and photo class for hula... deets to come!!

*one more weekish of our show up at Rare Device-- go see!

happy tuesday to you :)
mati rose


Russty said...

Love this whole post!

I'm thankful for the creative artists online like you, who continue to encourage me to keep on trucking and be the best me I can be. Sometimes it's a great reminder that we need to slow down and recognize all the small wonderful things in our every day lives.

christine said...

Fun art retreat? I'm intrigued!
And also: Yay for Veronica Mars & Dahlias. xo

stef said...

I'm looking forward to our dinner plans Thursday ~ I have some fun ideas that we need to talk about :)


grateful for you and I to have more time together :)

Polly said...

I have to ask... lemon curd chocolate pies?? They sound amazing! Do you have a recipe???

Carola Zajdman said...

Love those little feet !! and the mirror frame is great !

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Thanks for leading an awesome example of a creative life. :) I'm trying to carve out a creative life too and I'm loving it. Love your work Mati and I love that you're a Veronica Mars fan! Awesome show. :)


sarah said...

very cool patagonia shirt! nice work! something is in the air: i'm watching veronica mars, too. love that show!

Anonymous said...

you know what they say... "Only floss the teeth you want to keep".

kylee said...

what a positive post! i love it! and those patagonia tees are calling my name! so so good!

Claggie said...

Such an optimistic and colorful post! <3

chrissy said...

SOOOOOOO much goodness from such a good good lady.
i just adore you!

kyndell walsh said...

so much in your post that reminds ME what i'm grateful for:) thank you for that!! you are a beautiful & inspiring lady,mati!!

The Dreaming Bear said...

I love, love, love reading the gratitude lists of other folks! It's so refreshing!!! Ditto on the dahlias! We've got some for the first time...late bloomers..but worth the wait!!! Have a great day!

Julie said...

Just stumbled across your blog-I love love love your paintings! Also I agree with the creative life and all the ups and downs that come along with it-but nothing feels better than living your dreams!

Claggie said...

:) Lovely post. Beautiful colors!!!